TO MENU

        My happy place. Right there.

        I still remember moving day when I was 4 years old, descending down the winding road over the ridgeway into my new hometown below. It was pretty late, dark at least and I could see the whole town twinkling in lights below. We were moving to live by the sea and I felt so bloody lucky. We were also moving into a pink house. Life for a 4 year old, made.

        I have lived in a few places since - studied in Surrey, travelled the well trodden Australian and New Zealand path, dabbled in the London life but eventually gravitated back to the beach. I travel a fair bit which I absolutely love but I have pretty solid roots to UK coastal living and I love that I get to call Dorset home.

        I am a girl’s girl, who loves to explore new places, be in the outdoors and get in the sea. I am always planning for the next travel adventure but I love coming home as much as I do leaving. I think it is impossible to make a call whether the Thai or the Italians make the most beautiful food but know for sure that I will never tire of eating both. I am a jumper and jeans girl through and through but love an opportunity to dress up, I have the sweetest pup called Charlie who I find it hard to imagine life without and I really believe a little kindness goes a long way.