I love all kinds of photography but weddings, weddings are my thing.
A friend recently asked me why of all of the fields of photography, weddings were my favourite.  After thinking for just a moment, I replied, because of the faces.  I absolutely love to capture faces.  Admittedly, my excitement for seeing a brides chosen wedding dress never fades nor the opportunity to capture the carefully picked florists creations, the thought out colour schemes or the considered little details and touches that make a wedding so personal but above all, it is the faces. There is such a beauty in natural expression and during one wedding, you might well see them all.  The laughter, the tears, the surprise, the happiness, the pride….the love.  So much love.  How lucky I am that I get to be there to not only witness all of that but to capture it and to then give those treasured moments back in my photography.


The effort, imagination and love that goes into the planning and preparation of a wedding is personal to every couple and as the photographer, I see it as my sole responsibility to capture the most beautiful story of your day.  Unobtrusively documenting the candid moments and looks of love, is an absolute privilege and I feel exceptionally lucky to be entrusted to be part of one of the most important days in a couples life.  I don’t like to interfere or give too much direction, I just come along for the ride as the day unfolds, working behind the scenes to capture as many details and candid moments as possible.  It’s your story and I am there to tell it just as it is.


I am a girl’s girl, who loves to travel, be in the outdoors and get in the sea.  I am really close to my family, fortunate for a wonderful group of friends and see beauty in everything.  I’m a bit of a talker and I love to meet new people, so whether it be with a question, an enquiry or just a hello, please do get in touch.  Lets chat about that big day of yours.